Real swing dating

My foundation of being a SS student allowed me to connect with Swinggcat as he was a legend even in SS circles back then.

Unfortunately..customer service was extremely poor. The book was delivered electronically with a code which did not work.

The Toronto PUA scene (before the Game) was quite small. So it was cool to share with your wings to not use the material..the guys were all Mystery Lounge fellows, and had their own supply of material. Anyhow, what was refreshing about RWS 1.0 was it brought in a different perspective and attitude compared to MM.

I never liked the lower value concept compared to a HB9-10 BS.

Today Swinggcat's concepts are embedded in a lot of his peers' products.

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Many people have difficulty implementing effectively. Some people have had difficulty with the customer service on Swinggcat's website.This book represents one of the original foundations of knowledge in the pick up community.It is the root of many copycat type products, or products that have used Swinggcat's material in later years.The two main techniques explained in the book are 'Prizing' and 'Push and Pull' (also known as 101).Prizing has enabled thousands of pick up artists to attract much more attractive women than they had previously been capable of.Swinggcat's Real World Seduction is filled with attraction- and comfort-building routines you can incorporate directly into the M3 model.He also teaches the all-important concept of PRIZABILITY and the META-FRAME for getting your inner game sharp and thinking and acting like a true alpha.Eventually countless emails, phone calls, and intervention from even Cliff was required, but after 2 months Josh sent me a hard copy of the original Real World Seduction (RWS) 1.0.It is spiral coiled and printed on thick red paper with black font.'Prizing' and 'Push and Pull' are core techniques that have today become often used tools in the portfolio of techniques of the best dating masters and gurus. Some people have had customer service issues with Swinggcat's website.It is not expensive, given the value that the product contains in content.


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