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You did a lot of work and you're tired, and you have important work to do tomorrow.Make sure she stays free all the time in case you call. You're looking to settle down in a country home with that one special girl. She'll figure out the more ridiculous ones eventually but if you play this right you'll get laid first and have her captured.One exception, which is admittedly a royal pain, but worth it -- put the toilet seat down after you take a wizz.She sees that and she'll think she's found god's gift to girls, and she'll give you better sex than a 0 hooker. For some reason girls don't like it when we stare at their tits when we talk to them.Something strange going on here.) For some reason they get really upset.When you take off your ring, get some tanning lotion or put your hand under a sunlamp to make sure it's not visible where you took it off.

If you shack up, don't alter your own life just to make it easier for her.

First, if you're not familiar with the book The Rules here is a summary of "The Rules" in the book, which you need to know to understand the satire.

Or do an Google Search to search for web pages discussing this book. Learn enough to get by and look cool, though you won't need it much after you have her hooked.

In addition, if you buy her a fancy schmancy dinner at some ritzy place, she won't be able to turn down your request for a 0 "loan" until you can "get to the cash machine." Good investment. Girls do this stare at the phone thing, makes them all anticipatory. Call her in a couple of days or if you get horny again.

Also, after sex, just roll over and go to sleep, even if she hasn't had an orgasm yet.


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    Remember the goal of online dating is to take your relationship offline.

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    and cause1 the servants and the handmaids, whom they had let go free.

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    We think the best relationships are forged when we are comfortable, relaxed and free of pressure.

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