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“You always have to be accountable to the other person,” which is beneficial, she emphasizes.Flesner says he still checks in about expensive buys, such as a new bike, and often picks up restaurant tabs, as his income is greater.When a recent electricity bill spiked due to heavy air-conditioning use, Flesner and his wife talked over how to deal with the problem and lower the monthly bill.When a spender marries a saver, financial fireworks can ensue, and not the good kind.Should the duo combine accounts to minimize stress and create a new life together — or keep separate accounts to maximize options and retain financial autonomy? We spoke with financial counselors, marriage therapists and individuals about each approach and received these tips.Over that amount, it becomes a point of discussion, pre-purchase.No matter which checking account approach is used, experts agree that openness and discussion are the keys to success.“It works.” When the two tried a joint checking account, they found it challenging to track who’d written the last check or how much money was left for separate ATM withdrawals.With split accounts, they can access their own discretionary income and it hasn’t created a complicated algebra of secretive purchases or stingy spending.“As long as no one is overdrawing an account or a credit card, and bill-paying and savings are covered by the joint account, they don’t need to be concerned about who spends more on clothes or who (spends more) on meals out,” she says.Some people have a Jack-and-Jill bathroom and a bank account to match.


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