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She agreed to serve as interim dean, and in July 2002, moved into her office, cranked up her favorite music and begin to unpack.

Shortly afterwards, a faculty member appeared in her doorway and said, “I need to know right now whether you always play music.” “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do,” replied Gold.

“I made it my business to be at every meeting, large and small, on the national stage with the other school deans,” said Gold.

“No matter that I came from a small school, post-bankruptcy, and was with deans from Harvard and Hopkins.

If ever a fairy tale can come true, the 20-year history of Philadelphia’s first public health school shows how.

What is today the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University began as a glimmer in the eyes of a few determined people.

It soon came under the umbrella of the newly created MCP Hahnemann University, which Drexel University agreed to operate.

Although there were still a few uncertain years to traverse, enrollment slowly headed back up and in 2002, the school was officially merged into Drexel.

“It could explode into nothing except embarrassment.

When the plane crashed five miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, all 229 people on board were killed.

That terrible accident compounded the grave threats to the school that had come to light two months earlier, when the parent institution AHERF collapsed into bankruptcy.

Mann had big ambitions for the next generation of public health workers, and pushed faculty to seek transformative changes, not modest service improvements.

He cared much less about such tactics as distributing condoms to prevent HIV, and much more about confronting structures that made people vulnerable.


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