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Restricting the intake of calories has been practiced as a method for increasing both the length and quality of life for over 500 years.Experimental work confirming the success of this approach in animals has accumulated over the last 100 years.Generally animals on CR change their activity patterns so that they are more active prior to food delivery each day but total activity may be unchanged or reduced.Considerable debate has occurred over the effects of CR on resting metabolic rate (RMR).Others, again, think it is the word mak, rottenness, and suppose that it means "he is rotten." Both derivations are, in Brother Mackey's opinion, incorrect. It differs, however, in some respects from the American Degree.

Masonic writers have generally given to this word the meaning of "is smitten," deriving it probably from the Hebrew verb macha, to smite. The officers are the same as in America, with the addition of a Chaplain, Director of Ceremonies, Assistant Director, Registrar of Marks, Inner Guard or Time Keeper, and two Stewards. Brother Hughan says that the Degree is virtually the same in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Humans on long term restriction report similar negative side effects to those observed in animals – perpetual hunger, reduced body temperature leading to a feeling of being cold, and diminished libido.

Considerable effort has been directed in recent years to find drugs that mimic the CR response.

The disposable soma theory of ageing suggests that CR evolved as a somatic protection response to enable animals to survive periods of food shortage.

The shutdown of reproductive function during CR is consistent with this suggestion, but other features of the phenomenon are less consistent with this theory, and some have suggested that in rodents it may be mostly an artifact of domestication.


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