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Medulla Elementary School Marks Its Centennial With a Week of Events Keeping Order in the Classroom Lime Street School held chapter of Escondido history Memories of Hillcrest High School (see Charles Leadford, Ernie Mc Cracken, Todd Traylor) Craig's Corner (scroll down to Monday, September 2nd, 2002) Graduating the Uneducated Jonathan Tagle Integrating Teaching and Educational Cable to Enrich The Community, Campus & Students [PDF] Madonna did what?!?!?!?Trading Licks Murdoch Style A Line in the Sand Owner Leaves -- I Teach Meet the Author Betty Efird – Determined Not To Let Handicap Handicap Her (New URL) What is a Cooper?

He leaves a legacy of caring Quietly the best Lew Burdette, RIP: The Fauna Many thanks, coach Connors, for giving a lick Recalling Webb's way This one time, in band class ...

I got Martha's old sorority paddle from my desk, where it had been stored since August, just in case I ever needed it.

The boy bent over and grabbed his lower legs while I gave him three swats as dad witnessed.

I knew by his reaction that the paddle stung, and thus the desired effect had been achieved.

I then reached out and shook the boys hand, told him there were no hard feelings, and sent him back to class.


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