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Each man must treat his brothers with respect and decency that he deserves.

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As a heterosexual man with a strong libido, I keep female slaves on part-time and occasionally full-time basis.

Even so, Sabine saved her mother from being killed by Saxon, and Ursa saved her daughter from Saxon after he tried to shoot Sabine in the back even after he'd been bested as a warrior by her.

Ursa and Sabine finally agreed that what happened next they would face it together and restore their people to freedom.

After reuniting with each other, Ursa told Sabine that her staying away kept her safe from their enemies on Mandalore.

Ursa and Sabine have a mutual disappointment in each other, but they both have a mutual respect for one another.


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    There are truths about Christ and His kingdom that can be more clearly displayed by a single woman than a married one.

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