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We all tend to carry our insecurities into bed with us.If you've ever been shamed, insulted, or made to feel less than fabulous by a sex partner, odds are the remnants of any bad experience can follow you to new partners.Communicate with phrases like, “I want to make you feel good. Even if you both have the same equipment (and even if you’re both girls, that’s not a guarantee you will), everyone responds to touch differently.Instead of trying the thing you do on yourself with her, why not ask her how she likes to masturbate?Click Here To Buy A lot of ladies are insecure about their bits.Blame decades of commercials of moms and daughters being "unfresh." Here’s the truth: Your vagina shouldn’t smell like roses.

So if you’re going downtown on a lady for the first time, you may be pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is. Not in a bad monster movie way, but in an, "Oh my god, she’s going to see me naked, oh my god what do I do to her body?! Girl-on-girl sex abandons a particularly bitter ingredient: the fragile male ego. There’s nothing wrong with being anxious about your performance or lack of knowledge. Point out the awkward and you’ll be amazed at how it can diffuse things. I can’t wait to learn your body.” “This is new for me. ”Just because you like to be touched in a certain way doesn’t mean your lady will like it, too.Bonus points for showing each other how you masturbate. Don’t worry, no one is expecting you to keep a spare strap-on in your purse for emergencies.So if you score a surprise hookup at the club, fingers and mouths may be the only things on the (hot) menu.The wonderful truth is that, pound for pound, inch for inch, there is the same amount of erectile tissue in the clitoris as there is in a penis. Grinding, humping, and fingering are all ways we stimulate our inner clitoral structure, without always knowing it.Let your lady grind on your thigh or hump your palm. When we look at porn as an educational medium, a lot of bad habits are established.When you consider that women don’t have a set refractory period after orgasm (the post-ejaculatory “sleep mode” that befalls most men), sex between women can last quite a long time. If you both want to get off but can’t get each other there, finish by masturbating together. Spending a lifetime living as a woman in our society tends to heap some baggage on all of us.If you’re planning on sleeping with a lady for the first time, you may want to clear your schedule and rely on getting less sleep than you think. If you’re sleeping with other ostensibly straight girls, it might be even harder.So if your lady is embarrassed by her body, or doesn't want to tell you what she likes, know that she’s pretty normal.Role model good communication, consent, and kindness by sharing your own likes, needs, and insecurities.So you’re a lady who wants to have sex with a lady. Women of all orientations and identities are learning the joys of the activity once reserved for that cool girl in your art class. Most of the sex ed we get in school, if we get any sex ed in school, teaches us how to not get naked, not get pregnant, and not get chlamydia.As the Ruby Roses of the world are proving, attraction doesn’t have to shake up your self-conception or identity. But it doesn’t teach us how to talk about what we want, find people like us, ask good questions about what feels good, or anything at all about pleasure.


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