Shaun white dating german dating customs like

There is no format so old and stale that it cannot be ­rescued by the presence of Shaun Ryder, from the Happy Mondays.

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In absolutely no order of who’s likely to die first, they were: Shaun, who’s 55, actress Claire King who’s “55”, June “Dot Cotton” Brown, 90, Roy Walker, 77, Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin, 55, Sid Owen, 45, 67-year-old Russell Grant, who’s “50 per cent fat”, and Loose Woman Sherrie Hewson, 67, who’s about 90 per cent Shiraz.

“I ’ave something the size of a pea in me bollock sack that’s pressing on the nerve.

It’s like ’avin’ toothache in your nutsack.” And you, my friend, Simone, are twistin’ his melon, man.

But Shaun’s also funny, endearing and TV dynamite, whether in the jungle, ­chasing UFOs or having an enema pipe shoved up his fundament, on ITV prime-time.

As was discovered, last week, on an entertaining reboot of C5’s ­Celebrity Detox Camp called 100 Years Younger in 21 Days.


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