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The main aim is to unite other members who are looking for people belonging in the same locality or even community.

This feature can prove to be beneficial for people who are new in town or they might be even travelling and looking to expand their social circles. Since the lower limit for joining this application is only 13 years, Skout takes the security part of its functioning a lot more seriously as compared to other dating or social application functioning in the same cohort.

I am sure you will not want to spend your actual cash to use these points considering the precarious situation the younger users will be in, since they do not have any money to spend on this dating application.

The key to earning points is that you must create your profile, upload pictures.

It is not necessarily meant for an adult population.

That is a lot younger age margin as compared to any other application.

Considering the age cohort that could use this site, the safety issues have been taken into consideration.

It has a simple user friendly interface and communication on this site can be conducted in a hassle free manner.

Keeping this in mind, any sort of explicit or even a mildly suggestive images or pick up lines are immediately deleted from this application.

Since almost all activities require you to be spending points, the golden question is then how exactly do you earn these points.


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