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Her first studio album, Undiscovered, was released in 2006.It was preceded by the single "About Us", which entered the top-forty of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.Hogan appeared as a panel judge in America's Prom Queen in early 2008.While working on her second studio album, the series Hogan Knows Best was discontinued due to controversies involving Brooke's immediate family.Hogan Knows Best presented her father as strict with her dating. During an interview, Hogan stated that she was recording the album at The Hit Factory in Miami, Florida, where rapper Paul Wall heard a clip of the song "About Us" and asked to be on the song.

She was released from the series after a year on the program. In high school, she took dance classes, voice lessons, piano lessons, and gymnastics.While Hogan began working on her second album, personal struggles among her family led to the cancellation of Hogan Knows Best.This led to Hogan starring in her own television series, Brooke Knows Best (2008–09).Brooke Ellen Bollea (born May 5, 1988), better known by her stage name Brooke Hogan, is an American reality television star, actress, singer-songwriter, media personality, and professional wrestler.She is the daughter of the famous professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.Hogan's record label decided the album should be re-released later in the year; however, Hogan decided against it, opting to begin work on her second album.In August 2007, Hogan confirmed that she would be departing from one of her labels, SMC, and soon confirmed that she had signed a dual contract with So Be Entertainment and Fontana Records and was at work on her second album.Her father later stated that the show was mainly an attempt to help promote Brooke and her upcoming music career.The special was a major success for the network, and the success of the special led to VH1 turning it into an entire television series, titled Hogan Knows Best.She joined the cheerleading squad of her Clearwater, Florida school, Clearwater Central Catholic High School, in her freshman year (though she only stayed at the school for the first half of freshman year). Hogan graduated from high school at the age of sixteen. To promote the album, Hogan toured with Hilary Duff on her Most Wanted Tour throughout the US, as well as with the Backstreet Boys on their Up Close & Personal Tour, both of which took place in mid to late 2004.The television special chronicled Hogan working on her debut album, as well as showed her father's role in the album making process.


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