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The fastest internet I have seen in Chiang Mai is fibre internet provided by wi-fi hotspots by telecoms company AIS.

AIS have Wi-Fi hotspots all over the place - malls, coffee shops, high streets, bars.

Sometime before the end of World War II a fully fueled and operable C-47 with no markings and painted in the flat tan desert color of the Afrika Korps --- with a white underbelly --- was found parked beneath camouflage netting on a remote Nevada desert airfield thought to be what in recent times has come to be known as Scotty's or the Bonnie Claire airstrip, a basically remote forever abandoned X shaped strip with no real known history about 125 miles north of Las Vegas.

The B-29 came to my attention by a circuitous route one day while in pursuit of information regarding a mysterious C-47 I heard about.

The plane was stripped of all except bare necessities, even the landing and anti-collision lights were gone.

The only thing inside were 20 or so brand-new parachutes divided and stacked along each side of the cargo bay, double the amount in count of bailout rations and canned water.

Inside they found a bunch of parachutes, maps, and the operational procedures on flying a C-47 written in German.

The two officers, acting as pilot and co-pilot, fired up the engines and took off leaving he and the other airmen on the ground to hike back. The ceramics teacher told me that at the time he thought the whole thing sounded farfetched until one day the airman that told him the story came by and handed him a large envelope.


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