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Some months afterwards the principal part of the loss was repaid by the Beg, through a requisition to the Páshá. The instruments at my disposal were a Theodolite and pocket-Chronometer, kindly supplied me by Lieut.

Graves, now in command of the survey of the Grecian Archipelago, and a Sextant by Cary, graduated to 15".

In November 1857 the Commission was removed from Constantinople to St. While serving on the South American Station from 1825 till 1829, he was attached to the Survey of the Coasts of Patagonia, Terra del Fuego, and the Straits of Magellan; From 1832 until 1837 Adam was attached to the Survey of the Grecian Archipelago, Coasts of Greece, Macedonia, Thrace, and Asia Minor and in the Spring of 1838 he examined and reported upon the Coast of Lazistan, between Trebizond and Batoom, and surveyed the latter port.

Petersburgh, in order to facilitate its proceedings with the Officers of the Imperial Russian Staff, and in 1863 it was removed to London. In 1838 he accompanied James Brant, consul at Erz-Rúm, on a journey through Kurdistan from Erz-Rúm to Músh, surveying and mapping the route.

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Glascott, in firing the guns on the 18th of May, when, I am sorry to say, he experienced much temporary injury by the explosion of one of them.

p409 We all felt unpleasant effects from our ascent, and the Kurds said everybody experienced the same, which they attributed to the weight of the air. This could not have arisen from the mere height of the mountain, but might be occasioned by the escape of some gas from the crater; although, if so, it was quite imperceptible. The thieves were skilful and bold: they drew the curtain-pegs, and from under it drew out the things: many were in contact with Mr Glascott's bed, but neither he nor any individual of our numerous party heard the thieves, and the loss was not discovered till the next morning.

Our barometer failed us at the top of the mountain: the mercury had long been gradually escaping from the tube; but we had hoped by care to have been able to preserve it in a sufficiently effective state to assist our ascertaining the height: however, so much air had got into the mercury that no dependence could be placed on it. We had had two guards to watch during the night, but they pretended not to have heard anything, and they must either have been asleep or accomplices with the robbers. The map of Kurdistán, on the scale of 6 inches to a degree, though not entitled to consideration as a document of strict accuracy, yet will, I trust, be found sufficient to elucidate the geography of the tract of country which it embraces.

Was promoted to the rank of Commander in the Royal Navy, July 1, 1864. Brant's full account of the journey was reported in My arrangements being completed, and the weather having become apparently settled, after a late and wet spring, I left Erẓ-Rúm on the 16th of June, 1838, accompanied by Mr.

Adam Gifford Glascott, of her Majesty's navy, who had volunteered to make a map of our route, and my surgeon, Dr. The journey in what is now eastern Turkey, took them from the city now named Erzurum (then Erẓ-Rúm), to Muş (Músh), a detour to Elazığ (Kharpút), then on to Bitlis, Van, an ascent of Seiban Tagh (Sapán Tágh), the second highest peak in the region after Mount Ararat - becoming the first Europeans to do so, then to Doğubeyazıt (Báyazíd), as close as they could come to Mount Ararat, and back to Erzurum. On the ascent of Sapán Tágh, many of the party fell ill, probably due to a combination of altitude sickness and volcanic gases. Glascott so giddy that he could not continue taking his bearings without every few minutes quitting his work to rest; I had an intense headache; two persons were so affected that they could not proceed beyond the foot of the cone; one who mounted it descended at once, and on getting back vomited violently; even those who remained with the horses suffered from pain in the head. The Beg was informed of the robbery, but no detection followed.


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