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The prophet Muhammad specifically authorized horse races, and geography dictated that men race camels as well as horses. Among the many games of North Africa was , more widely played, was similar to football (soccer).

Cultural variation among black Africans was far greater than among the Arab peoples of the northern littoral.

The first two games are competitive, the second two are not.

It is certain, however, from the rich literary and iconographic evidence of all ancient civilizations that hunting soon became an end in itself—at least for royalty and nobility.They are if one believes that at least a modicum of physical skill is required for winning the competition.The point of a clear definition is that it enables one to give more or less satisfactory answers to questions such as these.Sports, then, can be defined as autotelic (played for their own sake) physical contests.On the basis of this definition, one can devise a simple inverted-tree diagram.Shuffleboard is a good example of the first; the board games Scrabble and Monopoly will do to exemplify the second.It must of course be understood that even the simplest sports, such as weightlifting, require a modicum of intellectual effort, while others, such as baseball, involve a considerable amount of mental alertness.In fact, the rule books for games such as basketball are hundreds of pages long.As games, chess and basketball are obviously different from leapfrog and playing house.Ball games were rare, but wrestling of one kind or another was ubiquitous.Wrestling’s forms and functions varied from tribe to tribe.


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