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If I could list all of the things I miss about the ’90s, well… [source] Mix Tape Cassettes: Remember taping all your fave songs off the radio (before Napster, that is!

this would be a very, , along with the ’90s Nickelodeon lineup), a lot of things seem to be gone for good. ) [source] Old School MK and Ashley: They made me wish I was a twin.

You didn't care though, because what Britney did, you wanted to do, too. It made you question the "status quo" and to never judge your friends if they like to cook crème brûlée.

What do you mean I can't go naked except for sequins over my nipples to school, mom? I feel bad for today's kids that they won't grow up having to get off the Internet because their mom needs to call their grandma or that they'll never understand the struggle of having to memorize all of their friends' phone numbers just so they don't have to whip out the 50 lb. I am proud to have grown up in the 2000's because I can tell stories to my grandchildren about a time where no one had their own personal computer and a time when you had to wait outside in the snow when your mom was picking you up because *gasp* she couldn't just text you to tell you she was here.

The early 00s, aka the golden age, was home to so much pop culture and change in America that I have composed a list of 17 things that every 00's kid will remember (and cry a little bit about)."Lizzie Mc Guire"? I probably spent most of my young life watching the same re-runs every single night. It was not only your first phone, but also the same phone you used to text "ILY TTYL" to your sixth grade bae.

Also, Hilary Duff is arguably still the queen of Disney Channel. These shoes became so popular that they were banned at every elementary and middle school across America. " Thanks to this wonderful invention, I still know every single word of "Eye of the Tiger." You never know when that will come in handy. TBT to that one time he was on Lizzie Mc Guire and we began to feel the real effects of OTP for the first time.

“Fans Resist End of Virtual Disneyland.” Wall Street Journal. The free game allowed users to create avatars and explore an interactive version of Disneyland. Some think to run users over to similar Disney sites requiring users to pay, like Club Penguin and Toon Town. Disney previously launched a site young girls could use to build their own Fairy (Disney Fairies.com).

The toys and gadgets might have been more simple, and the TV shows and movies might not have been 3D, but one thing’s for sure: the ’90s rocked. [source] Minesweeper: Who else remembers playing this for hours on end?!Here at Virtual Pets Blog, we think that is a given.Fuel and transportation costs are significantly impacting nonprofits, churches, and organizations. Yes, we know many of these organizations already have a presence in Virtual Worlds, but much of the current presence is to recruit “real” members, seek donations, or to raise the awareness of their cause.Over time we will be reassembling our earlier content into the blog as posts.Meanwhile our Virtual Pet Links page is still reachable as an html page at: We plan to once again actively cover the interesting world of Virtual Pets.“South Korea’s Nexon Paves Way in Selling Virtual Gear for Free Games.” Wall Street Journal. Reports Nexon Holdings is doing great in Korea with a free game called Kart Rider, The game is free, but users pay to customize vehicles and their avatars. Per a press release, Disney is now in process of opening an online world called Pixie Hollow (Pixie Hollow.com) in which young girls can actually fly around as their fairy avatar.Later this year, Nexon plans to release “Sugar Rush” in the United States. Two types of charm bracelets and some charms will allow real world interactions to be replicated online.However, I am here to argue and to fight for my own generation: the 2000's.To be a 00's kid, you had to have been born in the late 90's into the early 00's (2003 at the latest). Every time your mom dragged you to the grocery store you were compensated with this beautiful creation. I would compensate my adult self for running errands with one of these babies.In the future, we expect them to also be holding their business, leadership, training, and organizational meetings there to save fuel and travel time.One place this could rapidly come on the scene is organizations with several young families in rural America where distances are large, and the younger generation is comfortable with the virtual platform. Page A1 by Andrew La Vallee talks about the interactions of “real” dogs with robotic dogs, and with Roomba vacuums.


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