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Train departs from Tbilisi at and reaches Zugdidi at am.Price of the ticket is 30 GEL, tickets for sleeper berths can be bought in advance at website (the official web is railway.ge, but that never worked for me).They were part of the Georgian Kingdom during its Golden Age and still have great respect for Queen Tamar.

Svaneti got quite dangerous at this period - since there was virtually no police, some Svans turned to banditry and kidnappings.Svaneti consists of 2 subregions - Upper (Zemo) and Lower (Kvemo) Svaneti.Upper Svaneti lies in the valley of Inguri river, is much more popular and all I wrote above was actually related to this region.The first one departs around a.m, after the arrival of the night train from Tbilisi, but there should be several others before noon. The trip takes about 3-4 hours (1-hour break included) and the price is usually 20 GEL per person.From Tbilisi: In my opinion, the best option is the night train to Zugdidi and marshrutka from there.In 2004 started another era in the history of Svaneti.The government of Mikhail Saakashvili pledged to turn it into “Switzerland in the Caucasus”, world´s premium tourist destination and spent millions of dollars on the infrastructure and promotion. The road connecting region capital Mestia with the lowlands was rebuilt and currently it´s being prolonged all the way to Ushguli.It is said that in their country gold is carried down by the mountain-torrents, and that the barbarians obtain it by means of perforated troughs and fleecy skins, and that this is the origin of the myth of the Golden fleece Svaneti is probably the most beautiful region of Georgia and the essence of what country can offer to the foreign tourists.All those stunning photos of historical stone villages, lush green valleys and snow-covered mountains.... Svaneti is inhabited by Svans, the ethnic subgroup of the Georgians.Svans lived for long in relative isolation and as a result, they formed their own, unwritten language which only remotely reminds Georgian.Another attribute they are known for is their love for independence.


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