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The Chive has an unparalleled, cult-like following.

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(See: “Donald Trump’s ,000 tip” and the infamous “Girl Quits Job By Dry-Erase Board.”) The Chivettes section gets pride of place on the website.(Leo Resig declined to comment for this article, though he said he was a “big fan” of The Awl.) They live in Venice, California, and the site’s name, by the way, is apparently a contraction of Chicago and Venice; the Resigs were born in Fort Wayne, Indiana.They have other interests as well: John Resig is a recurring minor character on “True Blood.” Their sisters, Emily and Megan, are the editors of the sister site the Berry, which “gives ladies a much needed one-stop destination to peruse hot male celebs, funny photos, daily gossip, fashion, viral videos and adorable animals,” and features an “eye candy” section of dudes in the same space where The Chive features its Chivettes.If you spot a Chiver, he’s probably wearing Bill Murray’s face on a t-shirt, or the phrase “Keep Calm and Chive On” somewhere on his body or social media profile.Likely he has a “KCCO” phone case, towel, beer cozy, or bumper sticker.There are also plenty of photos of half-naked women, photo galleries of animals making dumb faces and people horrifically crashing their BMX bikes.Recurring features have names like FLBP (future lower back pain), Hump Day, Burnsday (that’s burn your bra Thursday), and Frisky Friday.100% of funds raised for specific campaigns go directly to supporting those campaigns.Though the structure is basically a non-profit version of Kickstarter, the tactics are different: Chive Charities is funded almost exclusively by Chive users.#Chivettes post naked photos so #Chive Nation can #Chivette Crush on them.But even beyond the boob pictures and bored tweets, there are glimmers of sincerity and trust — and a strong culture of charity.


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