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One of our firm’s partners also mentioned that not all judges are consistent in what they deem as admissible when it comes to evidence, so this could vary from judge to judge or from state to state.’s second season, viewers took their love and adoration for the show to a place made for love and adoration: dating apps.Would I say this in front of my parents, or theirs? Here’s a good example, taken from my personal archives, to the right.No one got what they wanted from that conversation.Let the conversation naturally make its way there if it’s going to happen. Using a cheesy joke on Tinder is not the same as a pickup in a bar because the person you’re talking to lacks crucial context clues on your tone and general body language.

Instantly, I’d learned that this person had actually looked at my profile and was dorky enough to correctly identify the pokémon casually sitting on my bookshelf.However, when we used a software program to export those messages and each specific text message then had the contact and date next to the sent and received messages, the judge seemed to prefer that.Our discovery team still sometimes just takes screenshots, however to save the text messages with the contact information on each individual message, we use a program called decipher text message that we found through this I’m not sure how other states or jurisdictions handle such things, but that has been our recent experience here in Northern California.If you swipe on someone, be prepared to message them first.There’s nothing more juvenile than two people waiting for the other person to respond.In one instance, we had a judge that seemed a bit hesitant to let us submit screenshots from the i Phone and he sort of questioned their authenticity a bit.He actually asked us to show him the phone with the messages on it.If you want to avoid a verbal slap or a reminder of our impending mortality, keep it light.Don’t kick off the conversation with weird sexual innuendo. These tips are tried and true practices, but hardly bulletproof.Sam Biddle wrote a (RIP) piece on the only line you’d ever need: “There she is.” (I personally find this creepy, but maybe it’s the GIF that greets you when you open the page.) Biddle reports overall success.One friend likes to ask people what kind of bagel they would be, while another says their favorite line was asking someone what ‘90s song would define their autobiography.


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