Updating a meade 497 controller instructions

I found the Autostar to be very easy to use even without reading the manual.

You've got to answer the initialization questions correctly: location, date, time, daylight savings, etc.

When it is finished, it has calibrated how much backlash is in the gear mechanism.

I believe the book recommends you do this procedure at least every three months.

Then look in the eye piece for the scope and do the same thing.

When you have it centered to your satisfaction hit enter and that location for that star is stored in the Autostar memory.

The Autostar will now select another star for the scope to go to and the scope will slew to it. Once you have entered the second star, if the Autostar alignment was successful, it will beep and tell you so.

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Autostar will direct you to center the scope on an object, then the Autostar will move the scope to the left/right and it will you ask you to recenter the object and hit enter, then it will move the scope up/down and have you recenter the object.

I have NOT seen this condition on my Autostar II, nor have i seen this complaint posted on the LX200GPS group. (c) If (b) doesn't fix it, Fire up the Updater, but this time -only- choose Garbage Collect (it's under Tools or Options).

Reset (I doubt this will help, but it's always the first thing to try) (b) reload the firmware, but (this time) do NOT add Tours, etc. (d) if (c) didn't fix it, then (after the garbage collect, and it may well have been automatic garbage collection which broke it in the first place) choose Erase User Banks. ------------------------------------------------------ From: Dan Griffing I followed Richard Seymour's advice and the scope is now up and running.

After that step completes, reload the firmware (to re-establish the Named Star list), and then load a reasonable number of Tours, etc. From: Mike Smith Tim Long wrote: A relative of mine has an ETC with an Auto Star #497 controller. If the ASU still cannot talk to the scope, try Star PAtch (a non-Meade updater) from Make sure you do not have something that normally uses that com port on your PC. I also updated my Window XP software because AU2 had errored out with a Windows library error.

The Autostar is dead and from what I can work out, it seems like they have messed up a firmware upgrade and screwed up the flash ROM. I'm bundling up and going out to the observatory now because its a clearer night than we've had here in Bozeman Montana in nearly a week.


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