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Better access to services and services having a more preventative/early intervention focus.

One of the impacts for service users is gaining access to services not available previously and easier/quicker access to services.

The expansion of new roles within a team could lead to confusion regarding roles amongst team members and to uncertainty about roles, including some individual questioning of what their role might be within new contexts.

Role demarcation as a challenge of partnership working can occasionally be a problem. In a study of good practice in multi-agency working it was found that services were improved for those clients who were accessing more than one service or organisation – especially those using jointly provided services or those within multi-agency case-review meetings.

Effective partnership amongst care home workers and other professions such as health care workers relies on a recognition that all parties care about the same goal: that of promoting the health of the service user.

This is exemplified in the white paper “Shifting the Balance of Power within the NHS (Do H 2001).

This set out the implementation of strategy for the NHS plan but seemed to stress the dominant role of health rather than social care.

Partnership working is improved when professionals in the care home and health and social care sectors link together to anticipate problems and take a more preventative approach to health.

Linked to this recognition of common goals, effective partnership requires a clear understanding of, and respect for, each other’s roles in the process of care.


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