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Select the Table or the Range you want to include in the Table/Range Box under Select a Table or Range. The data source for the Pivot Table will be changed to the selected Table/Range of data. Right-click on the worksheet tab and select Delete from the dropdown list.

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The data on which the Pivot Table is based might be updated either periodically or on occurrence of an event.You can decide whether your Pivot Table is to be updated whenever you make changes to the layout or it is to be updated by a separate trigger.As you have learnt earlier, in the Pivot Table Fields task pane, on the bottom side, you will find a check box for Defer Layout Update. If you make any changes to the Pivot Table areas, the changes will be reflected only after you click on the UPDATE button.All of the pivot tables reference the same named range, but I need to create a second worksheet that has the same pivot tables, but accessing a different named range. The syntax should be very similar to use a named range rather than a range of cells. Address(Reference Style:=xl R1C1) ' create new Pivot Cache Set pc = This Workbook. Create( _ Source Type:=xl Database, _ Source Data:=new Range) ' loop through all tables in all sheets For Each ws In Active Workbook. Ideally I would like to be able to do some kind of search and replace operation (like you can do on formulae), rather than updating each individual pivot table by hand. Sub Change_Pivot_Source() Dim pt As Pivot Table For Each pt In Active Workbook. Sub Adjust Pivot Data Range() Dim pt As Pivot Table, pc As Pivot Cache Dim data Sheet As Worksheet, ws As Worksheet Dim start Point As Range, data Source As Range, new Range As String ' get worksheet with data Set data Sheet = This Workbook. Special Cells(xl Last Cell)) new Range = data Sheet. It would be nice if Excel would automatically refresh a pivot table, whenever its source data changes, but unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in way to make that happen.Here are 3 ways that you can refresh a pivot table, after you make changes to the source data If you add new records, or delete records, or edit the existing data, the pivot table doesn’t show the revised data right away.The new data has the same colum headings, but is not added to the original data but will overwrite the new data or can be a new worksheet. If your pivot table is based on Excel data, you probably add new records to that data, on a regular basis.I have several pivot tables on one worksheet that I need to update with new data on a regular basis. What would be the best method to update these multiple pivot tables with new data. Should I create different worksheets for each pivot table, so that the new pivot table data will not overwrite the next updated pivot table.


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