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Passengers A special type of Product associated with passenger stations and passenger cars.Railroad Equivalent to the term "railway" in Australia and Britain.• Improved tutorials help first time users into the game. • Added functionality on the Mini-map screen; query industry and consist information.• Re-styled Driver and Session menu screens allow for easier navigation of installed routes and sessions.• New Paint Shed with more flexible interface that is included as part of the installation.• Over 50 rules, more than double the amount included with TRS2004. 4 - Conventions Throughout this manual we use abbreviations and terminology that are explained here.Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 About This Manuai 4 3 What’s New in TRS2006?5 4 Conventions 6 5 Instaliation 8 6 TRS2006 Launcher 10 7 Configure TRS2006 12 8 Launching TRS2006 26 9 Driver 27 1 0 Surveyor 44 11 Surveyor in Depth 62 12 Engineer’s Guide 154 1 3 Railyard 226 14 Trainz Exchange 231 15 i Trainz Chat & Portal 232 16 Content & Assets 243 17 Content Manager Plus 244 18 Paint Shed 264 19 Content Creator Plus ,280 20 Track IR 298 21 g Max 300 22 Keyboard Controls Summary 302 23 Credits 312 24 Beta Testers 313 25 Third Party Group 315 1 - Introduction Welcome to the next generation of Railroad Simulation and the fourth in the current Trainz series.

Red LED-like buttons Green LED-like buttons Unique identifier for an object To simplify things this refers to a point or a junction, so as not to confuse it with a switch lever, which is used to control a turnout.• i Trainz in game chat allows users to talk to other users while playing.• Backdrops: a new object type that is rendered regardless of the view distance settings.Begin the installation process by inserting the TRS2006 DVD Disk or CD Disk 1 into your CD/DVD drive.CD Users Begin the process by inserting disc #1 into your CDROM drive.To gain a deeper understanding of each module and component, and to make the most out of your Trainz experience, there are a number of other Guides included in this manual.As Trainz is constantly evolving, you should also visit the online community section of the Trainz website to discover more about the latest updates and improvements.WARNING; Please turn off any virus scanning programs for the instaiiation!Don’t forget to turn your virus scanner back on once the instaiiation is over.The team at Auran wish to thank you for purchasing this evolutionary product and we trust you will not only enjoy what’s in the box, but that you will also join the rapidly growing online Trainz community to expand and enhance your experience.Here you are able to download new content for free, share your creations and ideas. 2 - About This Manual The manual you are reading is designed to show you how to install TRS2006, configure it to suit your PC and then get started with each of the major components.


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