What does accommodating mean

There is an additional smaller candle for each child.The Bride and Groom light these candles, and then all together light the center Unity Candle.Not only are __________ and ____________ creating a marriage today, but they also are forming a family with (Child or Children's names).Just as it is appropriate for _______________ and _______________ to begin their marriage by affirming their love fore each other by exchanging Roses, they also wish to show their love for (Child/Children’s names) with a gift of a Rose."(This is added to the Unity Candle lighting.

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The group license does not grant permission to make the report/video available to people not employed by your organization, the general public, or to post it to a publicly accessible website or file server.

This is added to the Unity Candle ceremony:)Sometimes couples which a special recognition to their mothers - such as giving them a rose each on the exit.

They also may read something special, light the unity candles at the beginning - or at the time of the unity candles (lighting the other candle - see below).

In addition to completing their own tasks, we asked people to attempt some of our prepared tasks (85 tasks total), ranging from very specific to very broad activities.

We conducted the study in an office and tracked each person’s eyes using eyetracking technology.


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