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I know no-one can probably tell for sure, but when it comes to upgrading from 1.9 pre 4 to the full 1.9 release later, I presume there aren't likely to be the same kind of problems are there?

Hi there, Relatively new to Minecraft so I would really appreciate some help/advice.

I have created a private 1.8 Multiplayer Survival server that myself and two of my sons (7 and 9) play on and they are nagging me because they want to upgrade it to the latest pre-release of 1.9. From what I understand, existing areas already created will be much the same and remain as 1.8 type areas, but any new areas we wander into will be 1.9 areas - is that right? However, just using your 1.8 map in 1.9pre could cause some really undesirable funkyness.

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