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Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Designer of the year The Breton brothers’ diverse output last year was elegant and modern.

They created modular pavilions for the Tuileries Garden, commissioned by Galerie Kreo and Emerige, while outdoor pieces for Kettal and Hay and tables and chairs for Vitra (pictured, above) all married archetypal shapes with a contemporary aesthetic.

We love the fact that the Bouroullecs went back to first principles and really thought hard about how we use TVs these days.

Rather than trying to make it disappear, they’ve designed a quite individual piece of furniture, which happens to show moving images.

In fact, there were more trees inside the show venue than there are in most Milan parks.

The runway, though, was devoted to protective, in-the-field gear with a high-end luxury bent; the best of which was Harris tweed-inspired, mud-coloured wool coats that sprouted reptilian scales and were slickened with a glossy finish.

This ambitious project – ten different buildings, housing a selection of modern and contemporary art, sprawled like a labyrinth across 19,000 sq m – features an intriguing assortment of different styles, spatial sizes, creative themes and time periods, not to mention a cinema, and a café designed by film director Wes Anderson.

In the works for more than a decade, the art complex, located on a former industrial site in Milan, lives up to the hype that has swirled around it.

Guy goes radio silent for three days, then starts texting me exclusively after 1am. The League only gives you five matches a day -- helllooo! And with that low number, you're also unnervingly aware of the fact that you'll be called out as flaky if you don't talk to these people.

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I didn't actually want to get married -- and was in fact quite positive I'd hate whoever's attention I was vying for -- but I love a good competition and am constantly looking for outside forces to validate my self-worth. Intrigued and seeking validation, I "apply." Despite New York’s plethora of models, I still think I’m a pretty good catch. You'll get a (ridiculously small) batch of people per day sent to you at Happy Hour (5pm). League members who don't login for more two weeks will be kicked out. “Hi, I’m Mike.” “Hi, I’m sweaty.” Shockingly, the date lasts two hours and I actually think this guy is a legit human being with a soul.

Sure, my nose is a little crooked, but I fit the rest of Western society’s standards for beauty and success. If both people "heart" the other, you'll have a match; but people aren't necessarily revealed to each other on the same day so don't expect anything immediate. So will users who consistently don't respond, behave offensively, suggest casual encounters, wear anything other than white, or ask questions (OK, two of those aren't true). And because there's some form of a background check on swipers, you've got less potential for bots and serial killers.


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