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When the guys saw me, they teased me for about a year. We stayed friendly; after all, it was no big deal, right? Those boys grew into high-top faded teenagers and later men. And last week I was reminded why I feel skittish around groups of men — even ones I know. “Walmart will continue to offer Cosmopolitan to customers that wish to purchase the magazine, but it will no longer be in the checkout aisles,” the company said in a statement.

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I’ve been afraid that this will be an unfortunate biproduct of the #Me Too movement because, from the very beginning, “well-meaning” men — and women — are quick to point out that it is women who are responsible for how men treat them. But by subliminally blaming women, Walmart is helping to keep sexual harassment alive in our workplaces, on our streets and in our homes. He is the organizer of Akwaaba African Travel Market, the only international travel fair in West Africa; Accra Weizo, Abuja Bantaba and Port Harcourt Bantaba. He worked as ticketing officer with Nigeria Airways ABC in Enugu.He is the project director of seven wonders of Nigeria (Naija7Wonders), CEO of Jedidah Promotions (an international media and tourism marketing firm for airlines, hotels and destinations across Africa) Ikechi Uko is from Abia State, Nigeria. He studied Geography at the University of Ibadan and graduated in 1985.“This is what real change looks like in our #Me Too culture,” says Dawn Hawkins, executive director of NCOSE, in a statement.She said that Cosmo “places women’s value primarily on their ability to sexually satisfy a man therefore plays into the same culture where men view and treat women as inanimate sex objects.” Twitter was vocal about the matter.If Walmart executives were truly concerned about protecting women, maybe they’d turn their attention away from Cosmo and consider removing guns from their store’s shelves.That will do far more than protect women than blaming them for learning how to understand, appreciate and love their sexuality.Women are taught, she said, to follow the rules that include dressing modestly and staying out of certain neighborhoods. And we are taught to downplay it, even think about it as child’s play.” I grew up in Queens, on a block with predominately young boys. One Saturday afternoon, about two weeks before my first Holy Communion, they started roughhousing with me. The reality, however, is that all too often women — and young girls — are attacked when they are following the rules. “I want the women I work with to find the entry point to where their healing is,” Burke said. (It wasn’t until I was a tween that the girls moved in.) We used to play in the street, swing on the swing set in my backyard, play skelly. When I walked back to my house around the corner, my hawkeyed mother immediately knew something was wrong. Yet the older I got, the more I understood what could have happened to me.


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