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Browsing and sharing your videos and photos is a breeze with You Cam Mobile.Your media library can be organized by specific dates using the calendar view.

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Meet new people from all over the world using You Cams™. Capture videos and photos on tablets and choose from a wide selection of amazing and cool effects to spice them up.You Cam Mobile features various camera shooting modes, including panorama, smile shot and timer, to best capture your precious moments.When I try to use it, it says I need to upgrade and takes me to the app store where it says I own it.I'd set the camera to higher resolution, when I came back to that setting it was reset to standard. Clicking on a button usually took 2 tries for it to respond.The overall performance of Many Cam has also been enhanced to give the most to our users.Now, Many Cam-ers can benefit from an even faster software to create: Be the best game streamer you can be!Manage effects, digital props and masks with the organization folders.Every feature has been carefully designed to perform at its best.Create an amazing learning experience to help your students learn the most.Enhance teaching while enjoying the flexibility of working from home.


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